Manual of Valvular Heart Disease

Asher . Griffin

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ISBN: 9781496310125

Año Edición: 2017


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Portable and clinically oriented, this full-color handbook is a unique and timely guide to valvular heart disease and percutaneous coronary interventions. A structured, standardized format helps you quickly find the information you need, while numerousillustrations and videos online provide visual support for key concepts and procedures.

Key Features:

    Numerous tables, diagrams, and images highlight concepts, procedures, and devices related to valvular heart disease.
    Structured outline format lists landmark articles, key reviews, and relevant book chapters at the end of each chapter.
    Online chapter self-assessment questions and answers allow you to self-test and review key concepts.
    Authored by current or former Cleveland Clinic trainees and clinicians, as well as international experts in the field.
    Ideal for interventional cardiologists, fellows, cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists, cardiac technicians, sonographers, nurses, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

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Section 1

Aortic Stenosis
Divya Gumber, Eoin Donellan, and Patrick Collier

Aortic Regurgitation
Roger Byrne and Dermot Phelan

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease
Gian M. Novaro and Craig R. Asher

Mitral Stenosis
Leonardo Rodriquez

Mitral Regurgitation
Serge C. Harb and Brian P. Griffin

Tricuspid Valve Disease
Balaji Tamarappoo

Pulmonary Regurgitation and Stenosis
Serge C. Harb and Deborah H. Kwon

Prosthetic Valves
Maran Thamilarisan

Infective Endocarditis
Paul C. Cremer

Section 2

Special Considerations (Drugs, Pregnancy, Non-cardiac surgery, Anticoagulation, Valve related Tumors)
Ellen Mayer Sabik

Section 3

Percutaneous Mitral Valve Procedures
Jayendrakumar S. Patel and Amar Krishnaswamy

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
Brandon M. Jones, Amar Krishnaswamy, E. Murat Tuzcu, and Samir R. Kapadia

Pediatric Percutaneous Valve Procedures
Lourdes R. Prieto

Surgery of the Mitral and Tricuspid Valves
Patrick R. Vargo, Stephanie L. Mick, and A. Marc Gillinov

Valve Surgery: Aortic / Pulmonary
Douglas R. Johnston

Valve Surgery: Endocarditis
Gösta B. Pettersson and Syed T. Hussain

Section 4

Computed Tomography / Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Milind Y. Desai

Intraprocedural Echocardiography in Valve Disease
William J. Stewart

3D Echocardiography
Christine L. Jellis

Catheterization Hemodynamics and Formulae
Grant W. Reed and Amar Krishnaswamy

Section 5

Echocardiographic Calculations and Case Examples
Terence Hill and Richard A. Grimm

Cardiac Cases and Calculations
Joseph Campbell and Murat Tuzcu

Atlas of Hemodynamic Tracings
Andrew L. Goodman 

Autor Asher
ISBN 9781496310125
Año Edición 2017
Formato 13 x 21 cm.
Páginas 549
Peso 0.5 Kg.

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