Multimodal Management of canine Osteoarthritis

Steven M. Fox

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Multimodal Management of Canine Osteoarthritis, Second Edition takes an evidence-based approach to the canine patient with osteoarthritis, pursuing the objective of the bestavailable medicine by a variety of means: multiple drugs, agents, adjuncts and delivery methods. Appreciating that surgical intervention may initially be required, particularly forstabilizing a joint, the major focus in this work is the conservative management of osteoarthritis. A clear and visual approach is taken with the overlapping of two three-pointed trianglesof management: medical and non-medical.

The completely updated new edition offers a major new chapter on Regenerative Medicine in collaboration with Drs Sherman Canapp and Brittany Jean Carr. It is recommended for anysmall animal veterinary practitioner, as well as researchers and students of the RCVS CertAVP.


Offers a major new chapteronRegenerative Medicine in collaborationwith Dr. Sherman Canapp
Takesanevidence-basedapproach to thecaninepatientwithosteoarthritis
Focusesontheconservativemanagement of osteoarthritis

Table of Contents

Preface. Disclaimer. Abbreviations. Pain and Lameness. Pain. Diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Anamnesis. Examination. The orthopedic examination. Diagnostic imaging. Arthroscopy.Arthrocentesis. Quick tips. Osteoarthritis: the disease.Definition. Joint structures. Inflammation in OA. The ‘pain pathway’. Morphological changes with OA. Multimodal Managementfor Canine Osteoarthritis. Quality of evidence. Background. Medicinal management. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Prostaglandin E2 recptor antagonists. Disease modifyingosteoarthritic agents. Nutraceuticals. 51 Adjuncts. Acupuncture. Radiosynoviorthesis. Drug classes for multimodal use. Nonmedicinal management. Diet. Surgical intervention.Summary.Physical Rehabilitation in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis. Introduction. Environmental modification. Pain pathophysiology related to physical rehabilitation. Cryotherapy.Thermotherapy. Therapeutic exercises. Other techniques. Multimodal case studies. REGENERATIVE MEDICINE FOR MULTIMODAL MANAGEMENT OF OSTEOARTHRITIS. Platletrich plasma. Stem cell therapy. Adepose derived stem cell therapy. Bone marrow derived stem cell therapy. Recommendations following stem cell therapy. Interleukin-1 receptorantagonist protein. Other intra-articular therapies. Corticosteroids. References. Index.

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