The Biology of Cancer


Autor: Gabriel

ISBN: 9781861564344

Año Edición: 2005

Edición: 1ª ed.

Páginas: 196

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40,00 €

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The application of biology to the delivery of cancer care is playing an increasingly important role in the management of this group of diseases. Although there are a plethora of specialist cancer biology books, they are not aimed at nursing students and practising nurses.

The aim of this book is to be an informative text for students, newly qualified nurses and practising oncology/palliative care nurses. It is also hoped that it will be a useful text for other health care professionals working in the field of cancer, so that the common questions asked by patients, and their families, can be answered with a clear understanding of the latest advancements in the management of an individual' s care.

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Autor Gabriel
ISBN 9781861564344
Año Edición 2005
Edición 1ª ed.
Páginas 196
Peso 0.4 kg.

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