Seldin and Giebisch´s The Kidney



ISBN: 9780120884889

Año Edición: 2008

Edición: 4ª ED.

Páginas: 2928

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295,00 €

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A classic nephrology reference for over 20 years, Seldin & Giebisch’s The Kidney, is the acknowledged authority on renal physiology and pathophysiology. The fourth edition follows the changed focus of nephrology research to the study of how individual molecules work together to affect cellular and organ function, emphasizing the mechanisms of disease. With over 40 new chapters and over 1000 illustrations, this edition offers the most in-depth discussion anywhere of the physiologic and pathophysiologic processes of renal disease. Comprehensive, authoritative coverage progresses from molecular biology and cell physiology to clinical issues regarding renal function and dysfunction. If you research the development of normal renal function or the mechanisms underlying renal disease, Seldin & Giebisch’s The Kidney is your number one source for information.

Año Edición2008
Edición4ª ED.