The Surgical Critical Care Handbook. Guidelines for Care of the Surgical Patient in the Icu

Jameel Ali

Autor: Ali

ISBN: 9789814663120

Año Edición: 2016


Formato: 16 x 24 cm.

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This handbook considers topics that have general application to the critically ill patient. Basic pathophysiology and understanding of its role in critical care monitoring and management are covered, followed by a close look at trauma related and non-trauma related entities likely to afflict the critically ill surgical patient.

The authors consist of practitioners who are experts in their field. They represent the team approach to critical care management where members from the divisions of anesthesia, internal medicine, respiratory medicine, infectious disease and surgical specialties all contribute in formulating intervention, assessment and management plans for the critically ill surgical patient.

By emphasising the surgical conditions requiring critical care, The Surgical Critical Care Handbook will serve as a quick and easy reference for any medical trainee or practitioner aspiring to join the ICU.

• Foreword (Jameel Ali)
• The High Risk Surgical Patient ? Assessment (Robert Chen)
• Overview of Gas Exchange Abnormalities (Z Bshouty)
• Principles of Mechanical Ventilation (Robert Chen)
• Cardiovascular Dynamics and Hemodynamic Monitoring in the Surgical ICU (Andrew Beckett & Jameel Ali)
• Perioperative Respiratory Dysfunction (Jameel Ali)
• Nutrition in Surgical ICU Patient (Mohammed Bawazeer & Jameel Ali)
• Thrombo-Embolism in the ICU Patient (Andrew Beckett & Jameel Ali)
• The Coagulopathic Surgical Patient (Sandro Rizoli)
• Management of the Anticoagulated Bleeding Patient (Katerina Pavenski)
• Massive Transfusion Protocol (Sandro Rizoli)
• Applications of Ultrasound Imaging in the ICU (Robert Chen)
• Hypothermia and Hyperthemia (John Kortbeeks)
• Priorities in Multiple Trauma Management (Jameel Ali)
• Thoracic Injuries (M Bowyer & Jameel Ali)
• Abdominal Injuries (Jameel Ali)
• Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (Lorraine Tremblay)
• Head Injury (J Ali)
• Spinal Injury (Safraz Mohammed & M Fehlings)
• Pelvic Fractures (Jeremie Larouche & J Ali)
• Extremity Fractures (Jeremie Larouche & J Hall)
• Vascular Injuries (M Bowyer)
• Extremity Compartment Syndromes (M Bowyer)
• Burns, Cold Injury and Electrical Injury (Joel Fish)
• Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (Giuseppe Papia)
• Pneumonia in Surgical ICU (M Bawazeer & Jameel Ali)
• Upper GI Hemorrhage (N Parry)
• Lower GI Hemorrhage (Marcus Burnstein)
• Colorectal Disorders (Marcus Burnstein)
• Bowel Obstruction (Neil Parry)
• Pancreatitis (John Kortbeek)
• Mesenteric Ischemia (John Kortbeek)
• Intra-abdominal Sepsis (J B Rezende)
• The Pediatric Surgical ICU Patient (Arthur Cooper)
• The Geriatric Surgical Patient (Richard Bell)
• The Bariatric Surgical Patient (Timothy Jackson)
• The Transplant Patient (Anand Ghanekar)
• Soft Tissue Infections (James Mahoney)

Autor Ali
ISBN 9789814663120
Año Edición 2016
Formato 16 x 24 cm.
Páginas 730
Peso 1 Kg.

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