Managing Breathlessness in Clinical Practice

Booth . Burkin . Moffat

Autor: Booth

ISBN: 9781447147534

Año Edición: 2013


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· This book is written to be used by clinicians in any specialty, not just palliative care specialists
· Palliative care in non-malignant disease is rarely taught, this is the first practically orientated book in this area
· Multi-professional authorship: breathlessness needs a multi-professional team, most of the few competing texts are written by doctors for doctors

Breathlessness Management in Clinical Practice presents evidence-based practical techniques for helping the breathless patient with advanced disease of any aetiology used in the Cambridge Breathlessness Intervention Service (CBIS). This book will help individuals in the multidisciplinary team both manage breathlessness in their current clinical setting and describe the breathlessness service model which can be adapted for use in any situation. It uses a model of care based on interventions for breathing, thinking and functioning.

Breathlessness Management in Clinical Practice is an invaluable resource for those working in the respiratory medicine, oncology and cardiology and other specialties where breathlessness is commonly managed although less recognised like nephrology and neurology. It will be of help to occupational therapists, physiotherapists and specialist nurses as well as physicians. It will also be of interest to anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of the advances in evidence that now enable clinicians to offer much improved care for those suffering with frightening symptom of breathlessness.

- 1. What is breathlessness and how is it caused?.
- 2. First assessment.- 3. Helping carers.
- 4. Core non-pharmacological interventions.
- 5. Pharmacological Interventions.
- 6. End of life care for breathless patients.
- 7. Problem solving.
- 8. Communicating with other services.
- 9. Discharging end of life liaison with other services.
- 10. Evaluating your service.
- 11. Practical tips.
- 12. Place of breathlessness.
- 13. Intervention services with other services.

Autor Booth
ISBN 9781447147534
Año Edición 2013
Formato 13 x 20 cm.
Páginas 265
Peso 0.4 Kg.

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