Tarascon Pocket Ophthalmologica

Goodman Kim Allen

Autor: Goodman

ISBN: 9780763786625

Año Edición: 2013


Páginas: 143

Peso: 0.2 kg.

18,60 €

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18,60 €

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The Tarascon Pocket Ophthalmologica is the first book of its kind - a quick reference guide for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, written specifically for health care providers without extensive ophthalmic training. Comprehensive and concise, Tarascon Pocket Ophthalmologica is organized by symptoms for quick review by busy clinicians to allow for accurate diagnosis and proper management at the point of care. Terms are explained and brief, concise reviews of eye anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology are provided where needed.

The Tarascon Pocket Ophthalmologica is a great pocket-sized resource for primary care and emergency medicine physicians, nurses, physician assistants, students and other health care providers

Autor Goodman
ISBN 9780763786625
Año Edición 2013
Páginas 143
Peso 0.2 kg.

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