Paediatric Rheumatology

Foster . Brogan

Autor: Foster

ISBN: 9780198738756

Año Edición: 2018


Formato: 10 x 18 cm.

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The new edition of Paediatric Rheumatology is an indispensable resource for the identification and management of specific rheumatological disorders. Fully revised to provide up to date knowledge on common and rare rheumatological problems, including chapters on investigations and emergencies, this practical handbook designed for quick reference is essential reading for those who treat rheumatological conditions.


1: Clinical skills and assessment
2: Common and important clinical problems
3: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
4: Systemic Diseases
5: Bone diseases, skeletal dysplasias, disorders of collagen
6: Infection and Immunization
7: The multidisciplinary approach to management
8: Specialized therapeutic approaches
9: Clinical guidelines and protocols
10: Rashes in Paediatric Rheumatology

Autor Foster
ISBN 9780198738756
Año Edición 2018
Formato 10 x 18 cm.
Páginas 592
Peso 0.3 Kg.

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