Controversies Technical Aspects of ACL Reconstruction

Nakamura . Zaffagnini . Marx

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This book provides the reader with the best available evidence on the most pressing issues relating to reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with the goal of supporting surgical reconstruction of the ACL and improving outcomes for patients. Key topics for which evidence-based information is presented include selection of graft material and source, the use of different surgical techniques, graft rupture in relation to surgical technique, and progression to osteoarthritis. The book will aid the surgeon in making decisions with respect to fixation devices and tensioning, the bundles to be reconstructed, and whether to preserve remnants or partial bundle ruptures. An evidence-based stance is taken on evolving topics such as the anatomy of the tibial insertion site of the ACL and the role of the anterolateral capsule and posteromedial corner in high-grade rotatoryinstability. Furthermore, novel technical developments for measurement of knee laxity and soft tissue navigation are discussed. The reader will also find useful information on general issues concerning physical examination, arthroscopic setup, timing of reconstruction, anesthesia, and anticoagulation.

Arthroscopic Setup for ACL Reconstruction
Early vs. Delayed ACL Reconstruction “Early” Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Early Versus Delayed ACL Reconstruction: Why Delayed Surgery Is Our Preferred Choice
Diagnostic Accuracy of Physical Examinations for ACL Injury
Timing of Pediatric ACL Reconstruction
Conservative Treatment of Pediatric ACL Injury
Anatomical and Technical Considerations for Pediatric ACL Reconstruction
Analgesia for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Anticoagulation Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Technical Considerations for Patellar Tendon Harvest
Technical Considerations for Quadriceps Tendon Harvest
Acute ACL Rupture: A Biological Approach Through Primary ACL Repair and Augmentation with Bone Marrow Stimulation and Growth Factor Injection
Meniscal Repair with ACL Reconstruction
Anatomy of ACL Insertion: Ribbon
Anatomy of ACL Insertion: Bundles
Anatomy of the ACL Insertions: Arthroscopic Identification of the Attachments
Functional Analysis of ACL Insertion Site
Double-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Single Bundle Reconstruction is Preferred to Double Bundle
Outside-in Creation of the Anatomical Femoral Tunnel(s)
Transtibial Technique
Press-Fit ACL Reconstruction
Is Notchplasty Necessary for Anatomic ACL Reconstruction?
Pros and Cons of Different ACL Graft Fixation Devices
ACL Graft Tensioning
Diagnosis of Partial ACL Rupture
ACL Augmentation
Allografts in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Synthetic Ligaments for ACL Reconstruction
Xenograft Ligaments
Extra-articular Plasty with ACL Reconstruction: Long-Term Results of Associated Procedure
Treatment of MCL Injury in Combined ACL/MCL Injury
ACL Reconstruction in the Multiligament Knee
Scientific Basis and Surgical Technique for Iliotibial Band Tenodesis Combined with ACL Reconstruction
Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction: Anatomy, Rationale, Technique, and Outcome
Instrumented Static Laxity Evaluation
Instrumental Dynamic Laxity Evaluation: Non-invasive Inertial Sensors
Dynamic Laxity Evaluation
The Role of Navigation Systems in ACL Reconstruction
Considerations for Treatment of Concomitant Cartilage and ACL Injury
EncuadernaciónTapa Dura
Año Edición2017
Formato21 x 28 cm.
Peso1 Kg.