The Bone Book. An Orthopedic Pocket Manual

Nandi . Clair

Autor: Nandi

ISBN: 9781461430902

Año Edición: 2020


Formato: 13 x 21 cm.

Páginas: 230

Peso: 0.6 Kg.

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The Bone Book: An Orthopedic Pocket Manual is a complete guide to the essentials of orthopedics in today's busy hospital and outpatient settings. Concise chapters provide the basic knowledge that all orthopedic surgery residents, medical students, and supporting staff must know to handle the full range of conditions, injuries, and diseases for patients in the operating room and emergency department. Included are essentials of musculoskeletal anatomy, physical examination, orthopedic emergencies, and emergency room consults, including care for fractures, dislocations, bone/joint infections, and spinal cord injuries. Additional chapters cover operative room basics, such as patient positioning, prepping, and draping, and common orthopedic techniques, such as splinting, joint aspiration, and regional blocks. By compiling information commonly passed down from senior to junior surgeon, the authors have distilled a wide range of orthopedic fundamentals into one easy-to-read book.

Autor Nandi
ISBN 9781461430902
Año Edición 2020
Formato 13 x 21 cm.
Páginas 230
Peso 0.6 Kg.

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